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Day and night anti age formulas to eliminate wrinkles
Daytime serum NANNIC not only fights wrinkles and prevents their occurrence, but also strengthens the skin. Night serum renews the >>
Multimasking hair with Davines
Specialists of the brand have developed special rituals for maximum hair care and restoration. In this procedure, two or three typ >>
Fantastic world of insane flowers
Stay unnoticed will not work if you make a coloring of curls in the salon or at home. Hair of all colors of a rainbow or strands o >>
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Mud body mask

TianDe Pro Botanic Phyto-wrapping "Modeling a figure"
Manufacturer: TianDe (China);
All brand's series
TianDe Pro Botanic Phyto-wrapping "Modeling a figure". After wrapping, the skin becomes more elastic, elastic and taut. Volumes of problem areas are reduced. The appearance of cellulite is less pronounced.
Guam Mud mask for abdomen and waist Pancia e Girovita 500g
Manufacturer: Guam (Italy);
All brand's series
Pancia e Girovita Mud Mask for Belly and Waist - GUAM Special Mud Mask has unique properties to help reduce fat deposits in the abdomen and waist.
Guam Anti-cellulite mask with drainage effect Dren Plus Fanghi d'Alga 500g
Manufacturer: Guam (Italy);
All brand's series
Anti-cellulite mask with drainage effect. Dren Plus Fanghi d'Alga - Mud wraps with a specific action against the stagnation of fluid in the tissues are an effective remedy for the edematous forms of cellulitis.
Guam Anti-cellulite mask from seaweed - Hot formula Fanghi d'Alga Seaweed Mud 1kg
Manufacturer: Guam (Italy);
All brand's series
Efficient, safe natural remedy based on seaweed GUAM. Already after the first application, the hip circumference may decrease by 1-2 centimeters. It improves microcirculation, normalizes metabolism, helps to remove toxins from skin cells, restores its elasticity.
Dr. Spiller Mud wrap mask Professional Line Ocean Marin Mud 600 g
Manufacturer: Dr. Spiller (Germany);
All brand's series
Mud mask for wrapping Professional Line Ocean Marin Mud - relieves fatigue and promotes skin rejuvenation, making it soft, smooth and silky.

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