Payment is made only in national currency (in UAH)

Nova Poshta - delivery
delivery in Ukraine - paid by the Recipient at the office upon receipt of the parcel at the rates of Nova Poshta
Make an order on the website or by phone.
When placing an order on the site, specify the delivery method by choosing the postal service "New Mail".
Receive an SMS number with the number of the express waybill (TTN consignment note).
Track the status of your parcel on the website of the postal service
Upon arrival of the parcel, you will receive an SMS from the postal service.
Visit the point of issue (or wait for the courier) and receive the package (a passport or driver's license is required).
Check the item on site.
All goods are inspected and insured for full value before shipment. Upon receipt of the parcel, you need to check the goods directly at the delivery service department in the presence of an employee. If the packaging is damaged, or mechanical damage is found on the product, you need to refuse the parcel or file a claim with the delivery service. The delivery service will reimburse the damage caused if it was caused through its fault. To receive the parcel, you must present your passport (or driver's license) and the number of the cargo declaration, which our manager will tell you after sending the order.
Attention - pick up orders on time. Free storage at the New Mail warehouse is 5 days. For each additional day of storage, an amount is paid, which is 50% of the cost of transportation. The total storage period for a parcel in the "New Mail" warehouse in your city is 5 days.

Bank card - Payment with a Bank card is carried out in the following way:
1 - when placing an order on the site, you will be asked to choose a payment method. In the column "Payment" you need to select "Payment to the Bank's card".
2 - after that, our managers collect your order at the warehouse and send you payment details.
(bank transfer according to the details)

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 03.19.94, No. 172 "On the implementation of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine" On Protection of Consumer Rights ", which establishes a list of goods of good quality that cannot be exchanged (returned) if they do not satisfy consumers for any reason , perfumery and cosmetic products of proper quality ARE NOT EXCHANGE AND REFUNDABLE.
Please be careful when placing your order.

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