Delivery in Odessa:

Online store provides delivery by courier within a few business days (when available stock on hand) after receipt and verification of order.

Delivery is carried out in the agreed time, Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 20.00, except holidays.

Payment for goods is carried out upon receipt of goods by cash couriers.

The cost of delivery to Odessa:

at the order of up to 800grn. - 45 UAH.

for orders worth more than 800grn. - Postage free.

Delivery in Ukraine:

Delivery Service "New Mail"

Payment for orders directly from its manufacture - the commission is new mail (20grn 2%) of the order value. Addresses of the service delivery you can see by clicking on the following link:


Delivery times you will learn from our operator, who will call you after receipt of your order. As a rule - Delivery - 3 days.

WARNING! Make sure that your order is exactly what is in the New Post Office you can by typing in the box "№ EN" express waybill number, obtained by you in the form of SMS to your mobile phone. To do this, click on the following link:


The fact that the parcel is submitted, you will notify the manager to deliver over the phone or send an SMS message with the number / code declaration.

Delivery to other countries:
To send to other countries you must also specify the post office that serves your address. Shipping cost (from $ 9) is calculated on the basis of your post Belt (from 1st to 8th) and the weight of your order on Tariffs Ukrpochty
Table postal rates can pomotret online Ukrpochty:


Average life of postal items between Odessa and the rest of the world depends on Ukrpochty, ranging from one week to two months.

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