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Milk for Hair

Davines Regulating cream Controller 150ml
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
Cream Regulating Volume Controller - The product is completely invisible on the hair, reduces the amount of curly hair, giving them softness and shine.
Davines Nourishing milk to strengthen the curl Primer 150ml
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
Milk nourishing to enhance curl Primer - Moisturizing and nourishing means to prepare the hair for styling a hair dryer, ironing and curling. Helps to maintain elasticity and well-defined shape of curls without drying out and weighting. It has a thermoprotective effect.
Davines Curly hair cleansing cream Cleansing Cream 500ml
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
Cleansing Cream, a curly hair cleansing cream, is an innovative product that will offer you everything you need for quality hair and scalp care and replace shampoo and conditioner.
Davines Cream for curly hair and gain curl Love Сurl cream 150ml
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
Cream for curly hair and gain curl Love Сurl cream - Thanks to a special formula that includes almond extract, proteins and vitamins B and E, the tool helps to make curls elastic and give them an incredible amount.
Nouvelle Hair straightening cream Curl Relaxer 200ml
Manufacturer: Nouvelle (Italy);
All brand's series
Hair Straightening Cream Nouvelle Re-Styling Curl Relaxer - Protective hair repair cream with straightening effect with jojoba extract
Magnetique Diamond Therapy - Regenerating milk
Manufacturer: Magnetique (Italy);
All brand's series
Magnetique Diamond Therapy - Regenerating milk. After application, the hair is easily combed, becomes soft and shiny.
Palco Professional Smoothing cream for smooth hair Cream For Frizzy Hair 150ml
Manufacturer: Palco Professional (Italy);
All brand's series
Smoothing Cream for Hair Smoothness Cream For Frizzy Hair - Makes hair soft and shiny. Reduces curvature, seals split ends.
Davines Curl Smoothing Cream Love Hair Smoothe 150ml
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
Love Hair Smoothe Curl Smoothing Cream - perfectly controls and smoothes unruly curly hair. It provides the hair with softness and fading, without weighting and gluing. Protects hair from moisture.
Davines Multifunctional Milk for Hair Oi all in one milk Multibenefit beauty treatment 135ml
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
Multifunctional milk for hair - Universal indelible spray for absolute beauty of hair with annato oil. Perfectly conditioning hair, leaving them soft, protects them from stress and damage due to thermal exposure.
Davines Universal indelible moisturizer Hair potion 150ml
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
The universal indelible moisturizing cream Hair potion - The rich formula of this cream contains both plant extracts, vitamins and UF filters, which determines its unique multifunctional action: it moisturizes, nourishes and protects, helping to always monitor the condition of your hair
Davines SU Солнцезащитное увлажняющее молочко для волос - Hair milk, 135 мл
Manufacturer: DAVINES (Italy);
All brand's series
Защищает волосы от ультрафиолетовых лучей, а значит, сохраняет молодость и цветущий вид локонов. Обладает кондиционирующим действием: смягчает волосы и не дает им спутываться. Молочко содержит вещества, обладающие антистатическими свойствами, и нейтрализует статические заряды.
Green Light Beauty Hair Cream Day By Day Beauty Cream With Millet Milk 125ml
Manufacturer: GREEN LIGHT (Italy);
All brand's series
Actively nourishes, restores and protects hair, making them soft and silky. Perfectly conditioning, giving hair a pleasant aroma.
Rolland OWay Крем для фиксации волос Quick Glue 100 мл
Manufacturer: Rolland (Italy);
All brand's series
Создайте движение и текстуру с сильной фиксацией. Крем Quick Glue эффективно разделяет каждую прядь и придает гибкость волосам.
Laboratoire Ducastel Cream for curly and curly hair Curliner Creme boucles 100ml
Manufacturer: Laboratoire DUCASTEL (France);
All brand's series
Curliner Creme boucles cream for curly and curly hair - to shine and prevent curly and curly hair from fluffiness, for deep moisturizing due to the presence of carob seed extract and for creating perfectly outlined curls.
Alfaparf Milano Hair disentangling cream Detangling Cream 125ml
Manufacturer: Alfaparf Milano;
All brand's series
Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Detangling Cream. Enhances the effect of the Keratin straightening procedure. Makes styling a hair dryer or ironing easier and faster, has a thermal protective effect.

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